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We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization. 
Our Mission Statement
Committed to contributing to the welfare of companion animals through permanent placement and community education on sterilization, animal cruelty and neglect.  We strive to provide necessary veterinarian care to ensure healthy animals.  We educate people and promote the importance of spaying and neutering animals to prevent needless suffering and death due to overpopulation.
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Who We Are 
Take My Paw Rescue was founded September 19, 2008 by a group of 14 kind hearted people dedicated to the health and welfare of companion animals.  These 14 were the original founders.  We are a 501c3 tax exempt, non-profit, no-kill rescue giving all that we can to save as many lives as possible.  We are strictly a volunteer/foster based rescue, we have no paid staff.  We do not kennel pets for people, we are a rescue only.  We give all the love and care to these animals until a forever home can be found for each one.  100% of all adoption fees and donations go directly to the care of the animals.  The only compensation we receive is knowing we have saved the lives of animals that would have otherwise been destroyed.
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Phone number: 517-618-7042



Raising Funds for Vet and Rehab care for our fosters.   

We are proud to announce we have been named an Approved Rescue by

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Adopt A Pet.

Pictured above is Dakota.  She is the daughter of one of our foster families. Dakota wants everyone to know that even though she has Down Syndrome, it doesn’t stop her from caring for animals. Dakota and her siblings work side by side with their parents on the care of every foster animal that comes into their home. She is pictured holding one of a litter of puppies that her parents were fostering.  She was so happy when she found out that every puppy in the litter she helped care for found wonderful forever homes.

Please join Dakota in helping educate the children of today for what will be the future caretakers of the world’s animals. Without your donations, children such as Dakota would not be able to know the joy of caring for animals. We save the lives of animals while helping educate people, best of all we help educate the children.

Through education of future generations, there is hope that we may help animals. Help your child today to become a better person for tomorrow’s animals. One reason among many for the survival of animals is the education of future generations.


"If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. All things are connected."
~CHIEF SEATTLE OF THE SUWAMISH TRIBE, letter to President Franklin Pierce~

"A house is not a home without a pet."
     ~ Anonymous ~

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