If you don't see an animal within our group that you would like to adopt, there are plenty of other rescues and shelters that might have what you are looking for.  Adopting from any rescue or shelter saves a life!

If you are interested in adopting one of the Take My Paw Rescue animals,you need to read the following:
*You will need state issued identification. We do not adopt out of the State of Michigan.
*If you rent you need to provide a copy of the lease stating you are allowed to have animals and whether there is an animal deposit required.
*Please check with your city, township or county for animal restrictions based on breed, weight or height.
*Forms of payment accepted are check or cash only.
*You will be asked at the time of meeting the animal to fill out a consultation form which will be reviewed by a Take My Paw representative to determine adoption eligibility.
*Take My Paw representatives foster these animals and know what would be the best home environment for them.*Take My Paw representatives have the right to reject an adoption without prejudice. 

Adopt a rescue animal. Gain a friend and save a life! 

Are you looking for a new pet? Perhaps a dog or cat? Do you know there are thousands upon thousands of homeless dogs and cats in shelters? Just because a dog or cat ends up in a shelter does not mean it cannot make a good pet. A lot of pets end up in shelters simply because the original owners did not do their homework, did not understand canine needs, did not research the breed, or mix of breeds in the dog or simply picked the wrong type of pet. OR never realized how much work a pet is, until they had one and decided they didn't want the responsibility. There are many reasons why one should check into getting a rescue animal FIRST when looking for a new pet. ONE, shelters out there are flooded with great pets who are just waiting for a home to love them. TWO, a rescued animal will cost you less than buying a puppy from a breeder, 
and THREE, you will be saving a life!