We are not a boarding facility.  If you are looking to board your animal(s) for a short time while you are on vacation or because of a change in your circumstances, there are many boarding facilities available.  
We are a rescue only.  

Since we are a small Foster based rescue, our space is limited. We try very hard to help where we can.  If you contact us about a dog that you can no longer keep and must surrender to us, we will contact all of our fosters to see if anyone can take your pet in. If a foster can take the animal in, we ask that all dogs above 4 months old be up to date on all vaccinations, rabies shots up to date by, heart worm tested for adults and spayed or neutered.  You may be asked to have other vet care done before the dog will be admitted into the rescue group.  Your pet MUST NOT have any aggressive tendencies of ANY kind, we must protect our fosters, their families, their own personal pets and any future owners.  

You will be required to sign an owner surrender, giving up all rights to said animal.  
Please contact takemypaw@yahoo.com for information.